March 25th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Turtlemania
Shortpacked!@TNI: No, seriously, Turtlemania

So last Friday I put up pictures of my Transformers collection from when I was a kid. These were sane pictures that hinted not of some horrible addiction. Now, after my one-on-one appreciation of Astrotrain has reached the end of its run, I was able to integrate him into my Cybertron shelf and complete my grand Unicron Trilogy display. This took three separate, composited photographs to get it all in, and I've still left out Primus and Unicron, who are on the other side of the room. These shelves represent 5 years of toy collecting, from Armada in 2002 through Energon and Cybertron to the present day.

Clearly, I have descended into madness.

The day was beautiful, and so I spent several hours in the afternoon riding my bike throughout Grandview with no particular destination. The bike-able months of the year are glorious, and I must make haste to rid myself of the built-up me that's been accumulated since the end of last year's bike season. I'm getting a little chunky in my old age, and that just will not do.

I'm turning 28 a week from Tuesday.

(That date is shared with another anniversary benchmark, but more on that in the days to come.)

While I was out and about, I stopped at Barnes & Noble and perused through the latest Time magazine. Holy crap, Penny-Arcade was in there. It was a serviceable article about the growing webcomics industry, and included mentions of Penny-Arcade, PVP, and Achewood, all deserving participants. Of course, as is bound to happen, one caption misattributes Penny-Arcade's Gabe with the co-creation of PVP. Whoops. Otherwise, I think it read rather well, and was berift of the usual "BAM! POW! KAZAM!" headline gimmicking that Kris Straub loves to mock, and dealt with webcomics in a real way.

Penny-Arcade has 4 million readers? Holy shit!

I'll never match that by my birthday.