March 22nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Transformed from the norm by the nuclear goop.

I was interviewed last week by my buddy T Campbell for Blowing Bubbles, where I talk about how I'm totally going to Hell. Or something like that. Give it a listen, folks! You'll learn all my deepest, darkest secrets, like how I have no public speaking skills.

Today's SPECIAL! (No, no, not that Nickelodeon show!) I was digging through some old photos for a super special secret project and stumbled across some old-ass pictures of my childhood Transformers collection. The first one on the left is from 1988, and was taken in our basement while it was still being finished. My room was down there! It was scary and there was a rat.

I'm kinda surprised that I'd lost half of Omega Supreme's parts so early. I mean, c'mon, I've had 20 years to do that, but I pulled it off in the first 3? Also note Soundwave's broken tape deck door. Oh, and Megatron's arm is just balancing on his shoulder. My original eventually disintegrated limb by limb. I'm also amazed that I'd managed to assimilate my brother's Transformers so easily. The Scorponok, Blurr, and Punch/Counterpunch were originally his. (I still have the Blurr and Punch/Counterpunch.)

The second photo here to the right is from 1991 or 1992. (I found that Mindwipe in a Tru-Value hardware store somewhere between G1 and G2.) Dude, I totally got made with Action Masters, and I got in super trouble for it. I remember my birthday in 1991, my parents were all, "Hey, you, you're like 12, man. When your grandparents take you out shopping for your birthday, no matter what, don't buy any Transformers." So I'm like, "Okay." And they're all, "NO DUDE SERIOUSLY NO TRANSFORMERS." And I shrug and say, "Sure, okay, no Transformers."

I, of course, came home with half the Action Master line thanks to super-clearance prices at Kay-Bee.

I don't think I was that disobedient a child. I just had OCD, you see. And, crap, they were like two bucks apiece, man. You just can't say no to that!

Man, it's weird to remember a time when I could fit every single Transformers toy I owned into one photo taken on the side of my bed. These days I'd have to go through a few rolls of film. If we used rolls of film here in the future, anyway.

I can imagine my younger self meeting my current self, and saying, "Sweet, you got so many Transformers. But where do you put your clothes?"

On the floor, young self. On the floor.