March 21st, 2007


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Lordy Lord. Shortpacked! got a cameo-ish thing in the great Phil Foglio's Girl Genius. He knows I exist! That's freaky!

Also, Candi's Starline drew us some Mike art

Much love for the Willis Man. Booyah.

So, uh, hey! I found the singlepack Huntress the other day. (Finding her was, uh, indirectly related to Wednesday's strip. I'd pretty much given up.) The single pack one is the version on the left which is actually painted like Huntress. The one on the right is one that came with an earlier three-pack. It's weird, 'cuz she's not just less a few paint operations... she's actually a completely different set of paint masks. And she has this H on her crotch. Did they do the earlier one from memory, or what? I have to say, it worked. I didn't even notice how offmodel the earlier one was until someone pointed it out to me.

Regardless, it's interesting! And I'm glad to have the more accurate one in my collection. She comes with a crossbow and a stand, since she's a girl. (Oddly, the stand is minus the engraved DC logo the other ones had.)

Sent out a bunch of t-shirts this morning! Still pluggin' through the inventory...

Meanwhile check out this awesome news about Transmorphers, the shameless Transformers movie ripoff. Hee hee hee.