March 20th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Ethan's Law

Heads up! I've done a guest strip for Real Life while Greg and the Mrs. take some well-deserved vacation days to visit family. I seized the moment to strike.

Also, It's Walky!'s Head Alien has shown up in Evil Overlords United, while I'm passing out links.

Today I bring you Titanium Series Starscream! Like Thundercracker before him, Starscream is a toy of his pre-Earth Cybertronic jet form, as (roughly) seen in the Dreamwave War Within comics. He's white! Starscream's toys have traditionally been a light gray, depicted as white in the cartoon, but some of the War Within colorists followed the cartoon's lead. Thus, white!

((Ironically, Titanium Jetfire's toy is light gray, despite Jetfire's toys usually being white. Hm. That is just not interesting at all, is it?))

Whatever the inspiration, Starscream is very pretty! The starker contrast catches the eye. As is becoming increasingly evident to me, the Titanium War Within Seeker mold seems to be an amalgam of the three distinct Seeker designs. (Unlike their identical Earth forms, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Starscream were given different-but-similar Cybertronic forms.) The mold seems to have Thundercracker's arms, Starscream's legs and chest, and Skywarp's nosecone placement in robot mode. We're due a Skywarp of some sort in the upcoming waves, so I'm expecting this mold to be used for the fourth time. (Sunstorm is in an imminent wave.)

Next in the War Within Titaniums are Megatron and the previously mentioned Sunstorm. We've also got a Grimlock coming that we haven't seen, the previously mentioned Skywarp which we assume is War Within, and a Prowl of no description yet. Here's hopin'!

(Man, I want an Ironhide bad.)