March 19th, 2007


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The Shade joins my Injustice Gang.Craploads Of New Toys week continues! Today we got Justice League Unlimited's The Shade, who was sent to me by a very kind reader who found him, heard I was having trouble finding him, and sent him off to me quickly. Like, it arrived the next day. This man, who may be called Jason, is a scholar and a gentleman.

Now, the first thing you gotta know about The Shade is that the photos on the back lie. He can't hold his nightstick. He can't. He has one clenched fist and one open palm, and neither can get anything resembling a grip on his accessory. The photo on the back must have used glue. It's kinda rotten of them.

I make do by leaning it up between his palm and wedging the end against his foot. It does give him a dignified look.

When he arrived, he had a problem standing. (Surprise!) However, this was fixed easily, over a number of days. I grabbed one of the clear plastic rubberbands that Astrotrain was shipped in and wrapped them around his ankles. They're set in a standing pose now, and he no longer slowly tumbles over as his legs buckle at odd angles. Hooray!

He's a very nice sculpt, and the little vest he wears that smooths out his look is much appreciated. And, dude, I only need TWO MORE members of the Injustice Gang to complete the set! We know we're getting a Star Sapphire, so that only leaves Cheeta. C'mon, Mattel! We need some Furry chick with huge honkers!

(And a JL-style Joker is coming too, meaning I can swap out that New Batman Adventures version, though I treasure it so. Such a great sculpt.)