March 18th, 2007


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Airazor and Tigatron hang out in my window."Chromia-10 pilot," aka Airazor, was the other Transformers Collectors' Club exclusive that arrived last week. I was originally planning to review her first, but when I looked up at her a little later in the day, I noticed her missile had fired when I wasn't looking and after failing to find it after some searching, I gave up and dedicated my photography to Astrotrain. The missile was eventually found, thankfully, but god damn is her trigger testy. It might as well not be there at all. Not even the tiniest of tremors is required to jostle it from its shallow slumber.

Airazor is a redeco of Energon Slugslinger with a new head, a form meant to represent her pre-Beast Wars body. Yes, suddenly she has a pre-Beast Wars body for no real reason at all, but let's not get into that. Now, Slugslinger wasn't one of my favorite toys. In fact, it's one of my least favorite toys. There is very little about it that I like, other than the superfluous homage to the original Slugslinger. Its transformation is a mess, and both modes are a slipshod nightmare of plastic strata. Both modes require many more pegs and holes than the engineering grants you.

Being a retool of Slugslinger also makes Airazor the second-tallest Maximal in the Dawn of Future's Past storyline, as she towers over even Rhinox. She could pick up Tigatron and carry him around, despite what her fictional appearances would lead you to believe. That bothers me. I wish they'd managed to find a smaller toy to make her out of.

All those negative points aside, she is really pretty. I like her colors, and they're a combination of colors we don't really see much outside of the Beast Era toys. It just kinda blows that her toy is so frustratingly crappy. But hey, I've completed my set! Now to find toys to kitbash into pre-BW Terrorsaur and Tarantulas...