March 16th, 2007


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Joyce & Walky!: Hmmmmm!

WE WERE NOT MEANT TO BEI decided to make myself a pair of pants out of Astrotrain. I tried to be as ridiculous as possible with the other components within the confines of my collection, and so apparently Astrotrain has decided to combine with Optimus Prime and Sentinel Maximus. Sadly, Sentinel Maximus' off-white and Astrotrain's white make the cumulative color scheme work too well, despite the purple. (In other words, at all.) It's interesting to note that none of Astrotrain's paint shows up in this mode when viewed from the front. Definitely not a priority for the deco artist, I imagine.

God dang, the combined form is huge. I haven't combined these molds for half a decade. (Graham had to transform Sentinel Maximus into shoulder cannon mode for me. It has been so long.)

He needs a name, though! Choochooimus Prime? Astropantsimus? Hmmmm.

Another batch of t-shirts went out this morning. Also, a very kind reader found me a Justice League Unlimited The Shade for me! He rules.