March 14th, 2007


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So late last night I gave into my shameful desires and bought a Raphael from the TMNT movie line that's been sitting around for forever. Ironically, I'd previously decided I was definitely going to buy one when I saw that some Wal-Marts in our areas were offering free posters with any TMNT purchase, but, uh, I ended up just buying one anyway, at a location that didn't have any posters.

I'm kinda weird.

OMFG TURTLESBut anyway, my desire was shameful because I have a perfectly good Raphael from the last go of plain-ol' Ninja Turtles figures from a few years ago that's sitting around in a bin, along with the rest of the Turtles, a Shredder, some Foot Soldiers, and April and Casey. That Raphael is seen pictured there next to the new one. As you can see, the newer guys are at a bigger scale.

Why Raphael? Well, when I was a kid, red was my favorite color. And most importantly, Rob Paulsen's version from the original cartoon was awesome. (And by "awesome," I mean, I remember it being awesome when I was 9. I may drop this assertion upon ever seeing any of the older cartoons ever again now that I am 27.) My heart is broken, because that's not the Real Raphael, and the Real Raphael is some punk bitch who thinks he's Wolverine. Oh well. My love is unconditional.

Movie Raphael is pretty poseable, for a Ninja Turtle. Of course, so was my previous version, at the time. Slowly yet surely, Ninja Turtle toys are gaining articulation points. Movie Raph has Marvel Legends shoulders/biceps, universal hips, wrist rotation, his head is on a very shallow balljoint, and his elbows and knees bend not quite 90 degrees. He comes with two sais which, like my older version, can store on his belt. He also comes with, uh, some homemade weights, which, uh, I guess he can lift to bulk up. You know. Between the times he's kicking Foot ass.

I'm not sure exactly why I want to role play Raphael lifting weights, versus giving him a zip-line accessory or the like, but, uh, sure! Those muscles don't come along naturally, after all. Hell, I'm pretty certain turtles don't get those kind of muscles without some sort of Mutant Ooze.

I kinda wish he had an action feature.

Sent out the first batch of t-shirts today! I've got a small pile of orders since yesterday. I have yet to pore through them to see who actually gets the remaining shirts and who gets asked if they want to throw their moolah into the Reorder Pile. We'll see.