March 13th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Quick! Call James Cameron!

Reagan lives / Your mom shirts arrive!T-SHIRTS ARRIVED TODAY, as you can see. Tomorrow, I'll start shipping these out. There are a very small handful of extras in Mens Medium, Large, and X-Large, if you're quick about it.

If you missed the boat entirely and want a "Your Mom" shirt in any other size, you're welcome to (pre)order one and finance a second batch of these things. (I plan to run a second batch for Comic-Con.) However, I'm not planning a second batch of "Reagan Lives" at the moment.

Any questions? Drop me a line!

As I mentioned the other day, people started to receive Fed Ex notices of impending Airazor and Astrotrain exclusives from the fan club! Graham received his today (without a Fed Ex notice preceding it, oddly), and since he's the first I've heard of to get them, I got a photo snapped of the boxes. As expected, they're just like the BotCon convention sets in that they're shoe-box style, glossy across the lid, while the bottom is textured, and the toy is suspended in squishy foam inside. ("Squishy foam"? I am great with terminology.)

Airazor is much oranger than pictures showed, but still looks nice. Graham noted that he had to switch Starcatcher's arms, as they were assembled backwards.

Hope I get mine tomorrow!

(As a small note, the factoid in tonight's strip is absolutely true if you believe Wikipedia.)