March 9th, 2007


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Joyce & Walky!: Ha ha! BURN!

It appears the Fan Club exclusives Airazor and Astrotrain are shipping! Peeps are getting Fed Ex notices.

We found a Titanium TWW Starscream tonight. Graham won the coin toss. So I ordered a pair for Steve and I from Hasbrotoyshop when I got home. See, I found him, so I don't have the need to hunt anymore! I'm kinda crazy.

The second week of Mini-Con bios has been updated on the Fan Club site! I was responsible for the coloring and inking of Hawkeye, one of the Mini-Cons exclusive to the Playstation 2 game. Graham did the pencils!

Blank Label's resident techhead, Bookworm, is looking for "contract programmers, PHP/CGI scripters, and web/graphics designers." If that be you, check out his application!

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is the best comic ever.