March 2nd, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: Or maybe he has new victims to play with.

Mini-Con Strongarm's noggin.A new feature went up today on the Transformers Fan Club website! Once every week this month, a series of short profiles (with art) for personality-less Mini-Cons will go up behind the membership wall. Woo! Bios! Today we got bios for the four Mini-Cons that came as a bonus with some versions of Cybertron Primus, plus a name and personality for one of the Attacktix Skybooms.

I drew Strongarm's art! (Who, under instruction, is modelled after Jerry Orbach from Law and Order.) I've provided a cropped version as a teaser, to the right, but I'd get in huge trouble if I showed the whole thing! Brian Savage would personally travel from Texas to Ohio to give me herpes. No, this content is reserved for club members. So if you are one, get over there. If not, uh, drop them some cash before March 15, and you'll get the freebie toy Breakaway this spring!

Sweet! Bios for guys who wouldn't have gotten any ever otherwise! This is a very awesome thing.

Also, check out Armored Lex Luthor from his original appearance in Superman/Batman. Man, he is HILARIOUS. Best President EVER. He's so, so goofy. Those lines, man. Those lines. Clearly he's had wayyyyy too much Venom/liquid Kryptonite.