March 1st, 2007


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Roomies!: The end!
Shortpacked!: Thank you.

Don't listen to him!  He's drunk on Kryptonite!Hahahaha. DC Direct's Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Series 2 Power Suit Lex Luthor (exhale) is awesome. Well, not, y'know, genuinely awesome, in that "woo fun to play with" sort of way I usually enjoy things. He's campy!

Y'see, my favorite Lex Luthor is the postCrisis respectful businessman version, with his Lexcorp and his public image and his hardly-contained contempt for Superman in public appearances. So when you put THAT version of Lex Luthor in the preCrisis mad scientist version's ridiculous Kryptonite-powered Power Suit, that creates comedy gold. Why the hell is he in this thing? Does he realize how silly it is? I mean, he's just a respectable guy. A champion of capitalism. He's not your typical costumed supervillain.

(Yes, I know I totally failed to put Batman in a leaping pose in that first photo. Oh well.)

Anyway, the toy is... well, sort of a toy! He has lots of POINTS of articulation, but none of them move more than a fraction of an inch. Lots of rotate swivels that are sort of ball-joints but not quite. He's got "joints" at the ankles, the knees, the ribs, the elbows, the fists, and the head, but the joint with the most room to move is the giant balljoint at the ribs. He's got no shoulders, his elbows and knees don't bend, really, and... he can be put at a standing position or some sort of a walking pose. In other words, he wiggles quite good.

The best thing, other than the overall design and aesthetic, which I totally love, is his choice of two heads. I didn't even know he was getting that other head! He's got the standard head, which is the "Oh man I am totally on crack right now and I will eat your face" head, which was totally his state of mind when he first appeared in this thing... and he's got the secondary head, which is a more pensive Lex Luthor raising a suspicious eyebrow, like he's not quite so sure this suit is the right idea. Both heads are hilarious. I can't decide which one I like more, the "WHY?" head or the "BECAUSE I CAN TOTALLY FUCK YOU UP OH MAN DOES ANYONE ELSE SMELL TOAST" head.

So, yes, in spite of his glaring faults, I love him. Really, the only thing I'd want to add are some up/down shoulder joints. He DOES have shoulder joints! Mine were just paint-stuck. With some excessive force, they do move. Hot DAMN. This guy is fuckin' awesome now.

Yesterday we saw a restaurant called EXTREME WINGS that uses Comics Sans in their logo. I almost killed a man.