February 28th, 2007


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Whoo! My face is frozen!

I decided, well after midnight, that I should go walk down Grandview. Grandview is pretty dead after midnight, though the Panera Bread pumps out music 24/7, it seems. I did make a mental list of all the trendy restaurants I want to visit. Holy crap, when did that sushi bar get there?

Maybe I should try a weekend night. Or, you know, before 11pm. I kinda wanted a beer.


Sort of.

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Roomies!: A surprising twist, I'm sure.
Shortpacked!: A surprising twist, I'm sure!

The Fallen and some of his old buddies. My Titanium The Fallen (who I ordered from Hasbro Toy Shop) arrived this morning! Sweet! I've been absolutely jonesing for him ever since he was announced, and especially so after he showed up at BotCon last year.

And he's great! Well, for Titanium Series standards. He doesn't fall apart (though his guns and his treads are detachable) and he transforms solidly and mostly pegs together. He feels sturdy. He's well above average in complexity for a Titanium. Most of them have been pretty damn simple, but the Fallen is a little above that. No, he's not any sort of RiD-esque "educational puzzle," to steal a ridiculous phrase, but he's not frustratingly dull to switch back and forth.

He's got a good range of motion, which includes shoulders, elbows, wrists, head, hips, knees, and waist. The waist articulation is actually very nice, since non of the Titaniums I've played with have it, but for some reason I didn't photograph him using it. D'oh.

A downside are those blockly little non-hands of his. They're blocks with ridges that sort of look like fingers but aren't really with a peghole up top. I can see the reasoning, since in tank mode they're at the very front of the turret (which turns!), and it'd look terrible with giant hands up there. But still, disappointing. Wish there were at least a thumb of some sort. Also, you should probably switch the armcannons during transformation, so that in one mode or the other, the hollow sides don't face you.

The Fallen is especially awesome because HE IS ON FIRE. C'mon, that's great! That, and he's one of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. He's the one that went all Judas and threw in with Unicron when he realized Unicron was cooler. And now he's on fire. I've photographed him standing next to one of the other 13 Original Transformers, Vector Prime, and two potential Thirteen members, the club exclusives Landquake and Skyfall. Breakaway may also join their ranks soon, pending confirmation of their Thirteenness.

Now all we need are toys of Prima and maybe the Liege Maximo.


Also, tonight I picked up the Superman/Batman Battle Armor Lex Luthor figure. Will chat about him tomorrow!