February 27th, 2007


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Roomies!: Seriously, I used to draw backgrounds.
Shortpacked!: How to turn a prophet.

It's winter, but I've really been enjoying the outdoors. When I was in California a week ago, and it was, well, very nice, I would walk up and down University Street in Berkeley, and it was my favorite part of the day. The habit's leaked over into my return to Ohio, though the walks aren't as far or as glamorous. It's still cold here, y'see. The winter's harsh and cruel. If you're waiting for Mother Nature to apologize, she won't. You just gotta take off and enjoy what's out there, or you'll be waiting forever. So I take off.

It's peaceful.

That, and Starbucks has good hot cocoa.

You know, I've been in Columbus for a long while, but I haven't really explored much. Graham and I went to BC Rooster's for the first time ever the other night, which is odd 'cuz they're all over this town, and it was nice to be at a new place. I felt guilty for not getting booze there, since it was midnight and I was surrounded by people with beers attached to their faces, but I was driving. So I got a chocolate milk. (No, a Coke. I kid.)

Anyway, New York Comic-Con had some upcoming toys on display. Here's my thoughts.
Rachel Summers -- Holy crap, is that an attractive Marvel Legends female? I would not thought such a thing possible.
Cyclops has a migraine. Why? Because you are all weirdos.
I-I want cute widdle Doom!
Will I forgive myself for passing on a Ninja Man-bat?
Hi, I'm Aquaman, and I need a rebreather.

I think Supes/Bats Battle Armor Luthor is coming out tomorrow! I'm excited.