February 23rd, 2007


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Silver Bullet Comics gives yours truly some word-love.

Also, dude, mondo Transformers pics at Fantofan.jp. Man, I really want to be able to keep that helmet kibble on the back of Megatron's noggin in robot mode. It'd be 1984 toy-riffic!

Not enough Pat Lee in your life, even after Revoltech Magnus and Prime? Check out Revoltech Megatron, who's based directly on his version of Megs. What I mean is, it's as based off his art as it can possibly be, while still actually conforming to the laws of perspective, physics, and general anatomy. To be truly a Pat Lee figure, the arms should be attached at different heights on his torso and maybe only exist in a gravity-free chamber where it can assume impossible yet hilarious poses.

I seriously gotta find my brother's email address or phone number or something. I mean, dude. Transforming Shoes. He'd probably be all over that. Well, okay, his 10-year-old self would have been all over that.

I think the hot water in our shower should arrive at some point today.