February 22nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: The number of pillows is ridiculous.
Roomies!: Walky totally cheats at hide and go seek.

Woo, you guys totally know your It's Walky! backstory. I got all sorts of blog responses and emails pinpointing Walky's abduction in the Roomies! sequence as being from this important flashback. Read up on it! It helps!

(The Roomies! story was supposed to have been published before I got around to drawing the linked flashback in It's Walky!. It's part of why I went out of my way to tell the story of Billie and Walky's nicknames again (sorta), because it hadn't been told in the first place. Oh well. It would have been a nice unveiling, done properly.)

Delta put me up in a hotel last night and created a new flight to get us all in to Columbus from Indianpolis at about 9 this morning. That gave us about 4 hours of sleep, after we spent a few hours getting our vouchers, but it was a nice gesture anyhow. (On my flight in, U.S. Airways refused free hotel lodgings when they dunked us several hours late in Phoenix. Keep that in mind, travellers. U.S. Airways/America West hates you.)