February 19th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: I'd be a millionaire!
Roomies!: If you know where Walky's going, you win a cookie.

Today was AWESOME.

Me and Maggie and a bunch of Maggie's work pals went into town today to celebrate Crab Festival... well, not at Fisherman's Wharf, but at this awesome Vietnamese restaurant Maggie's amazing friend Veronica picked out. Between the 8 of us, we got 5 whole crabs cooked in various ways and we devoured them, down to the last shred of seabug meat. And there was some delicious crab fried rice on the side.

I am so so full. Yet I can eat more.

Then we headed over to Tiburon, a quaint little place on the bay that's like Sausilito, but better. We sat and watched the sun set over San Francisco across the bay. And I had a cookie.

I wish I'd brought my camera! My batteries were sadly dead, so I left it behind.

I did get a new phone in the morning, however. My 3-year-old one doesn't charge so good no more.