February 15th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Manwhore.
Roomies!: I am as think as you drunk I am!
Roomies!: Thinking about Ruth's past makes me want to get drunk, too.

Today's strip was supposed to accompany a review of Sigma Six Shipwreck, but my luggage (and thus my camera and my toy) is somewhere else right now. Remember how I couldn't get out of Columbus because of snow? Well, I got a new flight out of Columbus to Phoenix, Arizona, for the next day. Phoenix! That dry, arid place in the middle of the desert!

The takeoff from Columbus went without a hitch. But we couldn't land in Phoenix. Apparently all four inches of rain that Phoenix gets each year decided to arrive during the two-hour period we needed to land. And so we were diverted. And then when Phoenix's little storm had ended, we flew back. IT WAS GREAT.

I managed to just barely fight myself onto a flight to San Jose, what with my connecting flight to Oakland long gone, and I was picked up. But my luggage is still over in Oakland, and we're waiting for rush hour to be over to go pick it up. So. No pictures.

But believe me, that tattoo is on Shipwreck's arm! I especially like the phallic imagery involved, what with the sword splitting the womens names. Shipwreck is a total manwhore. I mean, dude, that's like half the Joe females right there. And in the latest issue of the comic, he just hooked up with Cover Girl! Who's left? Jinx?

Poor Flint.

Wikipedia will use any excuse to delete webcomic articles, pretty much. Hey, those two guys in favor of keeping this webcomic article are the same guy! Disregard them quickly! Wait, what, all the votes for deletion are also the same guy? Oh. Never bothered to check. What a sad state of affairs. Seriously, what kind of witch hunt do these editors have to be on to hunt down the duplicate IPness of two comments and miss that 80% of the discussion is another singular guy?! Well, he/they agreed with them, so of course they didn't check. At all. But all those "keep" dudes were meticulously scanned for shenanigans. Uh-huh.

Kris Straub is, perhaps, a saviour for our times. Maybe not quite a saviour. A messiah? Something goddish.