February 13th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Happy Valentine's Day
Roomies!: I knew that guy.

So I didn't end up in California tonight. Short answer? Snow.

I've been rescheduled for tomorrow. Let's cross our fingers that the weather will be more forgiving by 5pm Wednesday.

But seriously (Re: new Roomies! strip linked above), I knew that guy. He's based on a guy I knew. He was a co-worker, and that is exactly how he acts when he's drunk. The summer before or the summer before that or whatever, he took a trip to Europe and came back, well, European. Okay, not really European, more of a European otaku. And when he gets drunk, he calls everyone capitalist pigs and makes the oink noises and collapses on the ground in his own filth.

That was quite a few years ago. Another coworker's work visa had expired, and so she was going back to Ireland. And god damn, the Irish give some pretty liquored-up going-away parties. They're serious about their booze. When you tell them "Okay, I'm drunk enough, I have to get home eventually," that Mountain Dew they give you to finish off the night isn't just Mountain Dew. I guaranteed to be about 80% alchohol. Woo! Of course, in my state I couldn't tell until it was too late. "Man, I not get any not drunker..."

Which sucked when the police came and broke up the party when they caught an underage drinker who had fled--- oh, and yes, Armada Prime's trailer was just on the Colbert Report, so you don't all have to email and tell me -- and we all had to go home. I couldn't drive home! I was sloshed! Sometimes I wonder if that kind of police action creates all sorts of horrible traffic accidents.

Anyway, to bring us all back to Roomies!, I spent the next several hours sitting in my truck, waiting to sober up enough to drive, mumbling "Don't die like Ruth, don't die like Ruth, don't die like Ruth."

Walkypedia! is coming along swiftly! Check out all the characters who've made it to the front page banner by virtue of having pages of sufficient completeness! Sweet.