February 12th, 2007


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Shipwreck and Munky are fine art connosewers.I'm gonna be in California a week starting tomorrow (Valentine's Day!) and I've got a lot of text to throw out here. Prints (as seen to the left, in the flesh!) are going in the mail, so if you ordered one, you should be getting yours soon. Only a few left!

Anyway, I had begun work on a secret project when I was going through some old comics on my hard drive when I came across the unpublished story that's been intended for Roomies! Book 2 for, well, years. And I was struck by how retarded it is that the story has never been out there. Ever. It's an important story! And only the first third has ever been seen (at the end of Roomies! Book 1). That's just stupid. And I became enraged.

And by gum, it's going up on the website. I've backdated the first to Monday, and there's a new one for tonight, and there'll be a new one every day until the second of March when the story ends. Because God damn. This has to be done. (When does the story take place? Some time before this strip.)

But, yes, my secret project! It's Walkypedia!, the long-overdue replacement for It's Walky!'s defunct very comprehensive cast page. It and Shortpacked! all take place in the same universe, and I think such a big universe is benefited by a road map. I've got the start of a Walky entry, mostly culled from the most recent version of his original cast page entry, which was very out of date and pretty badly written. Gotta begin somewhere.

Here's the deal. See that drawing of Walky at the top of his page? That's brand new. For every character page that reaches "completion," I'll draw new art for it. As new art is added, I'll integrate that character (with some shrinking, of course) into the banner on the frontpage, until we've got a huge-ass crowd up there. Let's come together as a community and get this thing awesome.