February 11th, 2007


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Ultimate Bumblebee at Toy Fair 2007.  Photo by ASMzine.comMy buddies from ASM are back from their Toy Fair appointments for the day, and so they've got up galleries of the Hasbro and LEGO areas. Check it out:


Sadly, Hasbro kept most of their Transformers stuff in a separate room where photographs weren't allowed. Reportedly, most of the first wave deluxes were there, plus some additional movie toys, and scores of t-shirts mugs, and assorted licensed merchandise. Bummer!

Thanks to Mon, QuezzySwift, and Phil! Tomorrow, they'll be hitting some appointments with other companies.

Things I gotta point out:
* Bumblebee will friggin' eat your soul, man.
* Aaron Archer wears the Optimus helmet. Yes, it fits adults!
* Star Wars Transformers Death Star! With tiny TIE Fighters!
* The best R2-D2 ever.
* "Tiger Mauls Ninja" Sigma Six two-pack

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Shortpacked!: All the familiar faces

Guess TNI didn't have time to put up one of my backlog of strips today. Hrn. Oh well!

Here's some more highlights of Toy Fair (as chosen by moi) culled from ASM's photos!
* Ginormous LEGO Millennium Falcon to scale with mini-figs! <---this is why man was created
* DC Superfriends Batman! I must own this toy. He's so happy.
* Mattel desperately tries to rip off Attacktix If they're at all compatible, I'll try to nab a Batman to square off against my TFs.
* JLU Joker! Hot damn! Now all we need is a Cheetah to finish off the Injustice Gang. Oh, and to FIND A FUCKING SHADE GODDAMMIT -- ahem.

And if you want some supplemental Toy Fair coverage, try the digs over at Toy Fare magazine online. The folks over there were kind enough to send me a link, so check it out.

Today Jenni and Graham found me Sigma Six Shipwreck! Score! He's great, and I'll talk about him soon.

He's such a manwhore.