February 9th, 2007


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Toy Fair begins! As covered by, uh, Toy Fare magazine. Here's a preview interview with Hasbro marketing dude Greg Lombardo, talking about
the movie toys. With pictures! Official pictures. Hot damn!

(That's the Leader Class Optimus Prime, which means he'll probably be in the $40 pricepoint. And there's the protoform version, but we've seen that.)

(His legs look kinda, uh, busy.)

Also, as per usual, the press releases pop up early.
* Transformers (Ultimate Bumblebee plays WHAT?)
* G.I. Joe Sigma Six (Shockwave? Holy crap.)
* G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary (Hrm, two five-packs and some single packs...)
* Fantastic 4 (Fantasticar!)
* Attacktix
* Star Wars
* Marvel (Nothing really new here.)
* Spider-Spud!

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Joyce and Walky! Marriage

Tomorrow, Toy Fair begins in EARNEST! (No, not Ernest.) As always, my buddies at ASM are up to the task of giving us oodles of high-quality coverage. I assume, anyway! Why buck a trend?

Meanwhile, on the cusp of Toy Fair's dawn, more news:
* DC Direct -- All right, toys from that arc where Batman's son(!) was a jerk! Mmmm, Andy Kubert.
* McFarlane does, uh, Lost? Sure!

Yesterday I made my first contribution to the Scrubs Wiki. It's, uh, a pretty blank wiki. My tiny contribution was the only series of edits in the past 3 days. Hrgh.