February 8th, 2007


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Hey, remember when I was drooling over Don Perlin a few days ago! Well, I wasn't the only one, and IDW heard our pleas and signed Perlin on to do a cover at some point during the summer. Oh man, I can't wait! This will be totally sweet. IDW, you rock.

You know what also rocks? Ed McGuinness' Lex Luthor in Battle Armor comes out at the end of the month! I am stoked! Now, if they do a Joker, I am totally set.

I wanted to go jog outside tonight, but I tried and it's too icey. Man, this weather is cramping my style.
Sly Sir

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Shortpacked!: Big event

It's true! It's coming! I'm so excited. I'll finally get to see all those toys that were, uh, already for sale on eBay through shady Asian dealers.

Man, so remember when Evil Inc.'s Wikipedia article was speedy deleted and then un-deleted and then un-undeleted and then finally restored? Well, our mutual Blank Label Comics buddy Paul Southworth was one of those guys who originally pointed it out, and now they're trying to delete the entry for his strip, Ugly Hill. Man! What a coinkydink.

I'd wonder if I'm next, but that'd be a little too predictable.

We shouldn't complain. Wikipedia has very strict, comprehensive policies in place for deleting popular and noteable strips like Ugly Hill to make room for stuff like Owlwoman.

In crazy news, Wal-mart put up order pages for the Transformers Movie Preview toys (IIRC, they were taken down). The actual news is that they worked. Transformers Movie Preview toys started arriving in the mail! Holy crap! Best we knew, they had a street date(!) of May 2nd. Huh.

Too bad I don't want 'em!