February 6th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Great Scott!

The above may be required viewing before reading the strip. It depends on how much TV you watch. If "a lot," then you probably won't have a problem. The commercial's been running for a while, which gave my roommate Steve-o and I ample opportunity to dissect it in a fashion nearly identical to that in the strip.

Predator Attack Team!  ATTACK!Catching up on Mini-Con purchases, yesterday I picked up the Predator Attack Team. I got them second 'cuz, dude, beasts. Mini-Con beasts are new and special, 'cuz they were all vehicles until a month or so ago. (Let's not get into Laserbeak right now -- it's a long digression.)

The beast modes are awesome. I'm not as into the robot modes. Their limbs get too much in the way of themselves. None of them are very satisfactory, and after four other teams of wacky transformations, perhaps I'm finding them not so different anymore. Oh well. Dreadwing, the eagle, is really awesome in beast mode.

Nick Roche is writing and drawing the Spotlight Kup comic book issue! Hooray! That should be interesting. If he writes half as well as he draws, this should be pretty good. And, woo, a writer who isn't Furman! Furman is great, but it's nice to have some variety. I mean, dude, he writes everything. And it looks like we're getting a new writer for the Megatron: Origins miniseries, too. Hot damn! ...anybody know who it is? Best Google gives me is the guy responsible for that Hulk video game, which may be the same guy, but who knows. (Too bad the art is by Milne. I find his work kind of inpenetrable.)

And this year's G.I.Joe fan club membership figure was revealed, and he's Copperhead! Ooh, is he made out of modern-sculpt parts? Looks like. Neat.