February 5th, 2007


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The Dirt Digger Mini-Con Team!I had recently procured the Dirt Digger Mini-Con team, and so here they are! Of the three teams in the second wave of Classics Mini-Cons, I chose this trio to take home first. Why? Because they have an awesome tech spec bio. They're the "Dirt Digger" team because they're journalists-gone-bad, they're black mail artists, they're snitches. You piss them off, and everyone will know exactly what kind of porn you look at. That's pretty rad.

Dirt Rocket, the yellow motorcycle, is my least favorite. He's got an innovative transformation, for a motorcycle Transformer, but I don't think it pulls it off very well. It took me forever to learn how to stand him, because most of the surface of his feet is convex. The greater portion of my love is torn between Grindor, the green monster truck, and Oil Slick, the orange muscle car. Oil Slick is a great-looking period car with a knife and a claw for hands. He's pretty simplistic, though. Grindor, though, is awesome through-and-through. The way his tires bunch up into legs is fantastic, like a tinier, better Blastcharge. On the downside, he doesn't have a knife and a claw for hands.

Graham decided Oil Slick loved the Safety Dance, as you can see. Apparently I do, too, so I left him that way.