January 30th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: First of all, let's do a Search-and-Replace on "penetration"...

I am your assorted Decepticon toys combined.  I am Captain Classics display!

So, check it. That's pretty much the end of retail Classics I'll be buying. Transformers Fan Club newsletters are starting to hit mailboxes, and they're claiming this year's BotCon exclusive set is going to be Classics-themed, so it's not going to be the end of it entirely, but we've got a good five months until then to savor this particular benchmark of completion. (I don't need the reissue Soundwave and I don't plan on getting the redeco Devastator, no, before someone asks...)

And, yeah, that's Sunstorm in there. G1 Sunstorm. I was bored. Really, I wish I had a pile of them to plant one each on every shelf. Sadly, that'd probably be a good $200 a pop by now.


It's a neat statue from a magnificent mini-series, but I can't help but think that's going to be a pretty awkward conversation piece when company visits.

It was pretty obvious this was going to happen when all of the other figures thus far had been First Toy Retries, but I have to say, I never dug the battle helmet. I'm a hood man, myself. The helmet does look removeable (you can tell because his head's proportional, meaning there's a tiny head underneath that thing), so perhaps I'll luck out and the hood'll be an accessory. Not going to get my hopes up or anything, of course. That way leads to disappointment.

And t-shirts! You can still preorder t-shirts. That's important to note!