January 29th, 2007


Blank Label Comics rocks the world!

Blank Label Comics members were honored with several nominations in the 2007 Webcartoonist Choice Awards.

Outstanding B&W Comic: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Character Rendering: Ugly hill By Paul Southworth

Outstanding Use of the Medium: Halfpixel by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Web Design: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Comedic Comic: Sheldon by Dave Kellett and Shortpacked! by David Willis

Outstanding Sci Fi Comic: Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler and Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic: Evil Inc by Brad Guigar

That's nine nominations in all. Congratulations to everyone!

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Shortpacked!: An impending disaster of biblical proportions.

Magnus vs MagnusClassics Skywarp came in a versus set with Ultra Magnus. Hey, remember when Dreamwave remembered that the original Ultra Magnus toy was just a white Optimus Prime with battle armor? That's when Hasbro and Takara started remembering, too!

And so we've gotten all sorts of Cab Magnus toys and merchandise over the years, from Universe redecoes to the Revoltech action figure to statues and busts and probably a dildo or something eventually. This has made my pal Graham very happy, as he is a Cab Magnus aficionado. I'm rather tickled about it, myself. That Magnus really was this white Prime guy inside was a forgotten detail for nearly 20 years, and I'm glad to see the idea get its due.

(Though, when I was a wee kid, years before I would get an Optimus Prime of my own, I had a Magnus. I tried coloring the cab into Optimus Prime with washable markers. Guess what? This merely turned him pink and baby blue! D'oh.)

So, hey, another Cab Magnus. (He's the guy on the right.) It's a great mold and fun to play with and very striking in vehicle mode, but he did lose a fairly large amount of paint apps between mock-up and release. He's not quite Magnus without the blue mouthplate and red eyes. But I guess that's what happens when you want your Target exclusive set to give you $30 worth of toys for $20.

I had already decided that my beloved Laser Ultra Magnus (left, in photo) would stand in for Classics Magnus, because, dude, that is one awesome toy. (Though Laser Magnus suffers from a slight lack of leg articulation in comparison. No above-knee swivel.) There is a little incongruity, in that Laser Magnus is a G2 toy with G2 symbols from a G2 universe, while Classics is set in a Marvel Comics G1 where G2 never happened. D'oh. Well, I can ignore that in the name of Awesome.

So, like, question! After I recently sold out of the "Cartoons" limited print, I realize I have a new dearth of non-sold-out Limited Prints for perusal. You folks who buy them... do you have any preference? Is art of Joyce and Walky played out, or do you want to see more? Should I stick to Shortpacked! characters? Let me know. Maybe I should do a poll?

Also, I've replaced the previous set of Project Wonderful ads under the comic with a new set. This set has been configured so that I can paste them over ALL my pages, not just the index. You should check it out, if you wanna spend a few cents to plaster your name on my webspace in tiny ways!