January 28th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: The best Destro
Shortpacked!: Galasso's a little weird.

SeekeramaOh man. Ethan shares my passion. I did totally love that Destro. He's still my favorite, and I stand by that.

Yesterday I was too busy having fun with Skywarp to talk much about him. And, hell, who reads this site on Saturday anyway? So, hey, there he is. He's, uh, Starscream! In black and purple! I do wish they'd kept the painted fingergloves and the red on his boots as seen in the packaging photos, but it's still a serviceable Skywarp. What I don't understand? Why his intelligence is marked as 9. Out of 10.

Skywarp is retarded. I don't mean that "he sucks," I mean that he's very very stupid. His original tech spec bio notes he's absolutely worthless without supervision. A moron. As my friend Graham has suggested, it's good that he's stupid, because anybody who was smart who could teleport-at-will could end the Transformer war in about 5 minutes.

Frankly, I don't think he really teleports at all. He's so stupid, he just thinks he teleports. As I discovered this morning when I was uploading images to the Transformers Wiki, instead of teleporting, he seems to do this goofy-looking loop-de-loop. Nobody tells him he doesn't actually teleport because, hey, it's hilarious to let that kind of thing perpetuate. And loop-de-loop or not, it still gets him out of blasting range.

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