January 26th, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: "Love means I get to annoy you."

Bumblebee and CliffjumperSo yesterday I totally got Ramjet and Cliffjumper. Today, Graham and I also totally found wave 2 Classics Mini-Cons and the Magnus/Skywarp Target exclusive set! (Really, in regards to the set, the only thing we found was Target employees willing to get them out of the back for us. Every Target in the area except Lennox has had them in stock for a week.)

But Cliffjumper! He gets some attention today! Not nearly as much attention as I gave Bumblebee, because Bumblebee is my boy, but he'll get a little. Besides, Cliffjumper is a jerk. He's the Senator McCarthy of the Autobots, always willing to point out who he thinks is a traitor today. He may even have a list. (Witness how my standard Cliffjumper repartee intersects the snarky caption already on his TF wiki page. Comedians only have so much material.) Cliffjumper is also totally your guy for attacking Starscream-shaped rock formations that have been there outside your base for months, thinking it's suddenly Starscream.

Cliffjumper is not so bright.

Unlike Ramjet, Cliffjumper is not a retool of his predecessor. Just a redeco! This is somewhat unfortunate, because while Bumblebee and Cliffjumper's heads aren't all that dissimilar, the mold has a very friendly grin, so it's hard to view him as That Asshole Cliffjumper. This sculpt wants to be your friend way too much for it to be Cliffjumper. But hey, Bumblebee had Cliffjumper's head once, so I guess this is fair.

So while Cliffjumper is the same toy as Bumblebee but in different colors, Bumblebee was at least a really great toy. And, hey. First Cliffjumper toy in, uh... well, since the first. It's been a long 23 years.

After someone guessed all the Really Easy To Guess Filenames for the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures on the official website, Hasbro realized their game was up and just threw the remainder on their site all at once. I still want to comment on them one by one, and will do so, but, eh, I don't have much to say about the Cobra Trooper. So.

And, hey! I got nominated for Outstanding Comedic Comic for the 2007 Web Cartoonist Choice Awards. Rockin'. I'm hip and relevant! That means you should preorder a t-shirt.