January 25th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Don't ask.

Classics RamjetSo my buddy Ron called up this evening and was all, "DUDE WE TOTALLY FOUND WAVE THREE CLASSICS. BALLLSSSS." And so I launched from my perch like a hyperactive rocket with OCD and scooped up a set. (Easton Target, for you local folks. They be gone now, though!)

DUDE RAMJET. I was really hyped about him. He's like a good version of Starscream. Why? Well, the retooling involved to make him Ramjet and not Starscream moves his wings from behind his shoulders down to his legs, so his arms have a fuller range of movement without annoying wing-collision. That, and hey, dude, Ramjet. If you don't count PVCs, this is Ramjet's second toy, after the G1/G2 version, while Starscream's had several. Double that if you count Starscream's Unicron Trilogy counterpart. The coneheads, though, don't get as much love.

I find it somewhat ingenious how Hasbro planned ahead for this retooling. Starscream's wings, tailfins, missiles, head, and nosecone were on a single sprue. These were swapped out on Ramjet for a new sprue that, well, makes him Ramjet.

Cliffjumper was also there. I'll chat him up tomorrow.

Anyway! Two more G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures have been unveiled. (Yeah, I know about the "discovery" this morning, so nobody has to lemme know. I'd rather talk about them one by one.) I'm very relieved about Scarlett. Males are hard to do badly in G.I. Joe, but there have been very few convincingly female sculpts. They usually end up with manfaces. But Scarlett's pretty girly, and her head doesn't look shrunken. She is frighteningly skinny, which is a result of how toy sculpts tend to forget that clothes should make people thicker. Consider the thickness of the material of a boot, give some breathing room, and then you realize Scarlett has very unhealthy legs. (I prefer bigger thighs on my wimmins anyway.) But I like the sculpt anyway. It's still the best Scarlett we've ever seen, by far.

Gung-Ho? He's homosexually gay. I mean, I'm not surprised. That's how Gung-Ho is supposed to look. It's the natural result. You know, they tried to give him a goatee these past few years to avoid the Pornstache, but this is an Anniversary Line, so we're back to the classic Very Gay Look. I hope we get a Shipwreck! They can be buddies. And there's nothing wrong with that.

T-shirt sales took off like a flash last night, with strong competition between the Reagan and Mike designs. Mike has a tiiiiiiiny lead, though, so I thought the Gipper could use a little support.