January 24th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Wishlist.

As it turns out, there was so much clamor for both t-shirt designs that I decided to put up preorders for both! I guess democracy doesn't work, after all! It's all pinko communism for me from here on out, comrades.

You'll notice that there are a multiple of sizes available for preorder. And they are all the same cost. This is the magic of Aardvark Tees, my new peeps-to-be. So, yes, even if you're some sort of girl, you can totally still potentially have a t-shirt that tells people you slept with their mom. And not necessarily because you're a lesbian, but because you're just a jackass!

So here's the dilly. We see how many of these babies we can preorder. I'm shooting for, oh, 50 of each. Then I'll go crazy, get these things created, and then they will arrive to you! In the mail!

Oh, yes.

You will buy.

You may also notice it's going to a new Paypal address! (Versus the usual Paypal address, which I use mostly for J&W! donations.) It's yet to be Verified, since I opened it today, but it will be soon.

That's a lot. We'll talk about Scarlett tomorrow.