January 23rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: FACT: 24-hour news networks are mammals.

Huntress, Etrigan, Nemesis, Amazo (with Hawkgirl powers), and Lightray.Yesterday was a crazy toy news day. Today is no different! You thought yesterday's MP3-player Soundwave was nuts, oh, we can top that. But first...!

I picked up a new Justice League Unlimited three-pack today, from the first wave packaged on the new purple card. So, hey. I got Lightray, Amazo (with Hawkgirl wings), and, uh, Nemesis. Whoever the hell that is, I bet he's fun to introduce to Batman at all the JLU meetings.

Batman:"I hate guns."
Nemesis:"You do? Wow! I carry a gun, uh, right here in my... uh, where did it go?"
Batman: *crunch*

Regardless, these three toys STAND UP. I'm so happy! Something so simple makes me so very happy. Even Amazo stands fine, with his wings! Now, Huntress and Etrigan, to the left, on the other hand, are some standbyes from the previous wave. Huntress comes with a stand, of course, and apparently there's a single-carded one from a wave I missed that actually has paint on her. Oops. And Etrigan? He is impossible to stand. You'd think he'd be pretty freakin' easy, what with being squat and fat and having giant feet. No, his soles are curved AND the angles of his soles are misaligned with the other, so his v-crotch articulation means there's absolutely no way to line his feet up so they hit the ground at the same axis. *sigh*

The new guys, though? They're the answer to my prayers. I hope they're like this from here on out. Top notch.

Now, news! Today's 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figure was revealed, and -- surprise! -- it's Duke! These are seriously great, though I'm still not digging the head:body size ratio. Tiny, tiny noggins. Just one small chink in the armor, though, in what seems to be so far pretty awesome. Man, am I going to buy all these? Crap.

The Japanese Toy Forum trade show unveiled some more Transformers news. Hot on the trail of MP3-player Soundwave is the news that you will also be able to buy a set of headphones that transform into Rumble and Frenzy! Wacky. No pictures, just a solicitation.

Similar to last year's Tenth Anniversary Beast Wars line from Hasbro, Takara's throwing out their own try at it. More redecoed ten-year-old stuff! Regardless, their Dinobot will be so, so, so, so mine. He is beauty. He is everything I've ever wanted. I guess I'll get Blackarachnia, too. Hasbro and Takara trying to one-up each other on Transformers each year is getting bad for my wallet.

But the craziest toy news of the day? Nike shoes that transform into Optimus and Megatron. Seriously wacked out.

Final note! T-shirts are coming! They are nigh! All I gotta do is work out the kinks to my order forms and then I'll throw the URL for preorders out to you.