January 22nd, 2007


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There seems to be strong unanimous support for the Reagan shirt. Several of you replied, however, that the Mike one would be awesome if it were both more clear and more insulting! So let's try another run at this. Pick the version of the Mike shirt you dig best in the poll below! If you don't have an LJ account and want to voice your opinion, mail me!

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I had sex with Your Mom for a nickel.
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Shortpacked!: Apocrypha.

I've put up Project Wonderful skyscraper ads on all my pages! Go buy yourself some prime-ass real estate. Over 2 million pages a month!

Holy cow there was toy news today.

The first of Hasbro's 25th Anniversary line of Real American Hero G.I. Joes was revealed. (I can't get the image to show up on Hasbro's website, so I linked the image directly.) We are so very surprised this guy's in this line, I am sure. I was waiting to see how these things would look before committing to wanting to maybe buy some, and it looks like there's a possibility I will trade some currency for these. Hasbro promised in their press release more articulation than before at this scale, and it looks like they're not liars. He's got double-jointed knees so he can crouch better, and probably all manner of swivel joints at the ends of his cuffs and sleeves. I think I'd prefer if the heads were a little bigger, though. Bring on Destro!

Big Bad Toy Store put up preorders for a Soundwave MP3 player. Available in both white (like an iPod) and blue (like Soundwave)! Holy crap, that's nifty. I don't have an MP3 player, and I'd want an updated Soundwave anyway, so I am interested. He's probably going to be pretty small, though, if he's gonna fit in your pocket! That's actually pretty neat, regardless.

Along the same lines, also for preorder at BBTS, is the Optimus Prime iPod docking bay. He's white, like an iPod, but he's sadly not Magnus. He's also got a ... new head? Aw man. This product is based on the original Optimus Prime toy, so I guess that means he'll have this new head from now on instead of the original toy's. That's too bad. Interesting, I guess. But kind of sadness-inducing. We'll likely never see the original head on a Prime reissue again. Don't have an iPod, so won't plunk down the cash. (Probably wouldn't anyway. I've got enough Primes.)

And finally, Toynami is bringing us new Futurama toys! I must have a Zoidberg.

In toy sightings news, the Target-exclusive Classics Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp sets (the photo linked shows an earlier Magnus without his head painted white) are beginning to show up in stores. The DPCI# is 087-06-1191, if you wanna punch that number into their price scanners to see if your local store has them in stock yet. Additionally, wave 3 (the final) of Classics Deluxes, Cliffjumper and Ramjet, have also shown up in a Walmart in California. Happy hunting!