January 18th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Noises? In the woods?

Sunshine ValeriiAgain, a suggestion makes it to reality. Here's Maggie as Battlestar Galactica's Boomer. Surrounded by countless naked Maggies. I like this theme.

Today we found out the name of the Transformers Fan Club freebie for the year. They had a contest on the member forums to guess it according to given hints, and between my legwork and my pal Swift Eagle's coming up with the actual answer because I was kind of stupidly overlooking it, we deciphered that the name was Breakaway. Now, if only to learn what toy he'll be redecoed from!

I've already put up a page on the Transformers Wiki.

Also, we've got some... semi-official photos of Optimash Prime! They're definitely Hasbro stock photos, but... photos of photos of Hasbro stock photos? Well, view at your morality's peril.