January 17th, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: Aaaaaaaaannd Prop whiplash.

Crazie SullivanToday was New Comics Day! Today I got the latest issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, the Ultra Magnus Spotlight, and Spirit #2. (Really, the Ultra Magnus Spotlight is just begging to look horrible, amidst that lineup. Especially since it's drawn by some newcomer who draws panels that compete for the most derangedly-distorted Magnus, and even that peaked on page 2, though there were no shortages of runner-ups. Must Transformers always enter the room crotch first?)

But of special interest was the Emperor Joker trade paperback! Dude, I've wanted this for half a decade! Ahhh, it's refreshing to see Ed McGuinness' earlier, cartoonier work. And what a crazily satisfying ending. Usually these things just fizzle out, but I was thoroughly impressed.

Look! The Maggie-drawn-as-other-people series continues! This time she's Chloe Sullivan, as per someone's suggestion. I threw Clark in because, let's face it, otherwise it'd just be Maggie with showcased cleavage. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Man, Boomer sure is racist!