January 16th, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: The plot thickens.

Crazie BreakerFollowing yesterday's theme, we now have Maggie as Circuit Breaker. Despite my simplistic style, you can tell it's Maggie-as-Circuit Breaker and not just plain ol' Circuit Breaker because Circuit Breaker has never had dark brown hair. (Though she has been redheaded, platinum blonde, dirty blonde, and any number of colors Nel Yomtov felt like giving her that issue.) Also, freckles.

Maggie's lucky. She escaped having a crew cut. (Eighties hairstyles were not kind to Circuit Breaker.)

You know those scores of creepy websites of various pop culture characters drawn as hot girls? No? Well, you're lucky. Anyway, maybe I'll do a webpage full of art of Maggie dressed as various pop culture characters. It'd be awesome.

So, like check out the front page. Between the comic and the blogspace is a new adblock from Project Wonderful. Right now the cost to run a banner there is... 3 cents! Dude, it's not gonna be that low for much longer! Bid yourself some cheap-ass adviews while the time is ripe for conquest.