January 15th, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: No one is innocent!

The Baroness Anastasia DeCrazie!It started with a thread about Sealand selling titles to anyone with sixty bucks and ended with art of Maggie as the Baroness.


Hormones aside, I am really tempted to pay my $60 and become Lord Walky. I mean, c'mon, it'd be awesome. I could write it on all my stuff. And when I go to Donato's and they ask me my name for my order, I could make them write down "Lord Walky." And then when they bring me my pizza they can walk through the restaurant, calling "Lord Walky? Is there a Lord Walky here? I've got your pepperoni and sausage! Lord Walky?" Besides, at this rate, it's the only way I'm going to have a cooler official title than my dad the dentist. I mean, c'mon. "Dr. Willis" or "Lord Willis"? We all know the answer to that.