January 8th, 2007


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Trypticon versus G2 not-Grimlock! So, hey, G2 Grimlo-- er, "Santa Commander" arrived!

So, yeah, JustIToys is doing these World's Smallest Tr-- er... WST Dinob-- er... "Dinorobots." Yeah. "WST Dinorobots." They've done Snarrl and Sla-- er... "Flame Thrower" and "Commander." And they come with "Capability Index" cards that tell you their stats and there's art of the "Dinorobots" fighting, uh, the "Construction robots," I'm sure, on the back of their boxes.

Seriously, we swear these aren't infringing on Transformers intellectual property at all!

Especially not those stickers with the Autobot symbols on them.

Anyway, I'd passed up on all of these, because neat as they are -- and they are neat and well-done -- I couldn't plunk down the cash for Dinobots with blue eyes. Yes, I'm that petty! But, dude, TFSource had this Santa Commander promotion, and not only did he have red eyes as he really awesomely should, but he's in Generation 2 colors! Hot damn! So I got the requisite amount of ordering done before I could have him for free+shipping and he arrived today. (I preordered Masterpiece Megatron from them. And then I was all like "Oh, right, I told Ron I was gonna order that Quint so I'd have something to qualify for Santa Commander," and so I added it too, 'cuz I guess I promised. Woo!) Anyway. The promotion is over now.

So things I learned:
1) The Dr. Arkeville figure that comes with Masterpiece Starscream can totally sit in Grimlo-- er, Santa Commander's vestigial Diaclone seat.
2) The stickers are so very tiny.
3) I should not apply some of the stickers, because there is no way some of them will not scrape off during transformation, especially the ones on the sides of his legs and on his crotch.
4) Sadly, the Santa hat that comes with it is kinda worthless. Though cute and an awesome touch, there is no way any real person can tie the hat onto his head. The string is way too fine and, frighteningly, the strands like to unravel after you fuss with it a bit.
5) Heh! This knockoff adds an additional transformation step that allows you to push the robot head forward in robot mode for better proportions. Interesting.
5) Santa Commander is awesome.

Seriously, how are these guys not sued? They named one of their toys Snarrl, for God's sake. Trademarks do not work that way! Oh well.