January 4th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Hot bathroom action.

Today the first part of the fourth volume of G.I.Joe vs Transformers came out. You know, the enjoyable Devil's Due stuff, versus the dire and aborted Dreamwave stuff? That whole continuity is awesome. It's one of my favorite continuities. It writes everyone as characters and does fun wacky things and uses all sorts of rarely-used folks. This new volume is no exception thus far. It saddens me that this is probably most likely the last volume of it. I enjoy it so much. Much more than any man should enjoy a crossover.

Here's more Bible Paper Telephone! I adore Maggie's awesomecute Venom scribble. (I was taking too long writing out my obsenely long-yet-radical verse. It involved adultery and raisin cakes! Hosea is sweet.)

Mmmm, today was NEW SCRUBS. Yesterday the WGN syndication run caught up with the The CW syndication run (WGN runs two episodes a night, The CW runs 1) and so we had an alignment of the planets where the same episode was running on both channels at once. Graham and I thought this was way more amusing than I'm sure any of the rest of you do. WGN's was just a few seconds behind, so we had an Instant Replay at hand just in case absolute total hilarity occurred.

God I love Scrubs. This morning I found out there was a Scrubs wiki and I plotzed. It's even woefully incomplete, which means I could conceivably contribute! Oh man, this could be bad.