January 3rd, 2007


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Classics Legends Trypticon stares down Smallest Optimus PrimeWhile at Obsequiosity's castle for New Years, we played a game of Paper Telephone. And not just any game of Paper Telephone -- Bible Paper Telephone! It's like normal Paper Telephone, but you hafta start with a Bible verse. I brought my Holy Book to Illinois so we'd have something to look through.

Here's Obs' scans of our Bible Paper Telephone, graciously hosted.

He especially loved my Awesome God.

Before we left for Illinois, I managed to pick up a Classics Legends Trypticon. He's the only one from the first wave I wanted 'cuz, dude, he's freakin' Trypticon. In tiny form. He's not really supposed to stand up on his hind legs like that in beast mode, but I wanted him to tower over Smallest Prime more obviously.

He is mighty. And, dude, great job making him look like Trypticon, enigmatic mysterious Hasbro deco artist guy, whoever you are!