January 2nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Is he strong? Listen, grouch. His parents made him on the couch.
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Spy is badass.New Years is over, and so the holiday travellings are done. Me and my pals just got back from Rantoul, Illinois (north of Champaign), where we hung out at Obsequiosity's house. (You know it's a geek party when you have to identify people by Internet screennames.)

To the left is superspy (known to real people as Rob) ready to bust a cap in somebody's ass with Classics Megatron. I'm serious. He'll do it. (He wishes to express that the photo was taken on very few hours of sleep, but I think he's being overly self-conscious. That's not fatigue. That's ambivalence to your imminent demise.)

Maggie is back in California now. I am sad.
I'm Batman

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Shortpacked!: Disambiguation.

80s Batman vs 00s BatmanThe Batman to the left is a Christmas present from my Aunt Jan! She's an avid reader of this blog, so she noticed I didn't have any blue-hued Batmen, thus this guy! It's the DC Direct "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Batman, which probably means it's supposed to look like the style of George Perez, circa 1985.

The Batman on the right, of course, is Batman in the style of Ed McGuinness, circa 2003. Oh, Batman's been pumping steroids in the interim, I'm pretty sure. Mind, 1985 Batman can't gloat too much. Though Ed McGuinness' Batman is muscular to the point of restricted movement, at least his head isn't the miniscule size of a Dilly bar. (The dinky heads are something people rarely notice when they start complaining about one style or the other being less "realistic." Nobody is particularly free from the prying eyes of anatomy and physics. Both these guys are circus freaks in their own way.)

(Batman is awesome. Hell, Aunt Jan is awesome.)

My Aunt Jan also got me a vintage Batman comic! #143, from 1961, IIRC. It's got Ace the Bathound on it! And he's fighting a huge bug monster! Awesome. I will lick it.

Dude! The Transformers movie trailer in Japanese! Ha ha, the gunmetal Japanese Transformers logo is awesome.